Security Guard

Uniformed Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

DRONE SMPL works to safeguard the welfare and prosperity of millions of people on Pan India

Customized Security Programs for Your Business

Our Uniformed Security Guard Division was developed to address your specific security needs. These uniformed or business attired armed or unarmed security officers are deployed to provide security guard services at a variety of locations and are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.


We offer Industrial Security Services and P.S.O services that includes security of the customer premises and their physical presence and etc.

Our uniformed security officers provide the following:
  • • Bank Security
  • • Apartment Complex Security and Patrols
  • • Car Dealership Security
  • • Restaurant & Hospital Security
  • • Special Event Security
  • • Warehouse and Industrial Security
  • • Commercial Office Complex Security and Patrols
  • • Senior and Retirement Housing Community Security
  • • Residential Single Family Security
  • • Retail Store Security
  • • Construction Site Security
  • • Hotel Security
  • • Shopping Center Security and Patrols

Our armed security guards as well as our unarmed security guards are provided training by current and retired law enforcement certified trainers. DRONE SMPL officers are not only trained in the physical aspects of security but they are also trained to patrol your property with a community policing mindset. Depending on your needs, our security officers can perform a number of duties, these include:

  • • Foot Patrols
  • • Vehicle Patrols
  • • Resident and Employee Escorts from building to parking lot
  • • Video Monitoring
  • • Crowd Control

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